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ARGILE - The Monotonous Moment Of A Monologue
Behind this rather swaying title stands the band Argile, being two members of the quite well known French band, Misanthrope. Musically it might be easy to compare them to their mainband, but still for me, Argile offers a whole lot more. Combining avantgarde metal, like maybe a tad old Moonspell or similar bands, and olds chool cult metal, in the vein of Celtic Frost. The Celtic Frost inspiration being quite obvious at times, doing the same trick from their 'Into the Pandemonium' disc in the later years of the 80's. That is anyway not the whole story here, as Argile also creates something on their own. A atmosphere that is rare in todays modern metal world. It is actually, more about the quality of their performance, and the touch they have given to it, like the music has a life on it's own. You can't call it death or black, you can't call it heavy, you can't call it doom... It's all in one, being a album that you can listen to over and over, grasping a new moment every time. I do have some questionmarks when they cover a DarkThrone track 'In the Shadow of the Horns', but they also come out of that with a reasonable result. Argile have shown a very strong debut here, I can't think of any bands this promising out from France today. Vive la France!
Haavard Holm

Last updated: 16 March 2003